Job description

Job requirements
Knowledge and skills/Qualifications and experience
• A good mentality and a strong character, combined with the will to learn.

Job requirements

Job description Tasks/Responsibilities/Authorities
Performing tasks onboard always under guidance and supervision of the mentor, being the Chief Officer for the Deck Department and the Second Engineer in the Engine Department.
The Onboard Training Record Book will be leading during the apprenticeship.
Each apprentice will have the following hours per day:
Monday till Friday 8 hours per day
Saturday 4 hours per day
Sunday 0 hours per day
As the hours need to be distributed over daylight/darkness periods the exact start/end times to be determined in accordance with the watch schedules of the officers/crew and the shipboard operations. All with the aim to give the optimum learning experiences and exposure to the various aspects of work on board. Taking into account the indicated hours per day the apprentice needs to be compensated for extra hours made.
Outside the agreed working hours, the apprentice is required to work on its Onboard Training Record Book. This to be filled in as fits and required whereby it is stipulated that the apprentice is keeping in close contact with the mentor to receive advise, guidance and if so required warnings.


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