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Good employer practices


The employment conditions and working conditions in the Dutch maritime world are not sufficiently clear to many employees. We hope to change this by also guiding employers in good employment practices. Together we want to bring more clarity and improvement to the working conditions of employees. Ultimately, we make the sector more attractive to future and experienced employees, so that we can more easily retain good staff.

What should I do as an entrepreneur?

  • Good working conditions;
  • Provide opportunity for personal development;
  • Concerns regarding the termination of an employment contract;
  • Clear expectations regarding results and behavior;
  • Long-term employment contracts;
  • Creating an atmosphere of trust;
  • Facilities provided by the employer: functionality and personal development;
  • Addressing behavior;
  • Physical working conditions and a safe working environment;
  • (Change of) working hours;
  • Encourage personal responsibility (such as working hours and results);
  • Promoting good employment practices: involvement and actively dealing with criticism;
  • Express expectations;
  • Open and honest communication;
  • Development opportunities;
  • A deal is a deal! (also capture this);
  • Business combined with a human touch.

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